“NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused President Bush’s campaign and political allies on Tuesday of conducting a campaign of “fear and smear” to avoid talking about jobs, health care and the war in Iraq.”

Memo to John Kerry:
Ummm…. John? Let’s go over some facts, shall we?

It was YOU who put your own war history front and center at the Democratic convention and of your campaign. Did you think anyone missed the phoney “reporting for Duty” meme? Of course, then there was the parade of Swiftees who support you… at least one of which has been caught in a flat-out lie in supporting you. All that footage of bullets flying, and through it all John Kerry in Uniform.

All that was YOUR doing, John. Your campaign, and for that matter, your entire convention said nothing whatever about new ideas… except in the most general of terms. There were no specifics offered at all. There was nothing mentioned about your great list of accomplishgments in the Senate. Of course in fairness, I must say that you HAVE no new ideas to mention, and no great record of accomplishment to mention, either. So, there’s nothing there for you to have spoken to, I suppose.

Be that as it may, now once they’re kicking your butt on the terms YOU YOURSELF set, you’re going to blame the Republicans for addresing the issues you, yourself were trumpeting as so much the issue so very few weeks ago?

Funny how you waited until you saw your chances at being elected, slipping away… and until a goodly chunk of your claims were exposed as lies, thereby raising questions about your integrity, or the lack thereof… before you suddenly decided that all these issues YOU RAISED, were out of bounds.

A little less than honest to be complaining, and blaming someone else for what you did to yourself, don’t you think?

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