The real story of today, for my money comes from Matt Drudge tonight, as well as Juice News Daily.

John Kerry’s daughters got themselves booed off the MTV awards stage in Miami tonight. Apparently, the idea was for them to come out and pitch voting for Kerry. Before they even spoke, the boos were so loud, they drowned everything else out. This despite the daughters trying to shush the crowd, who only got louder by all accounts.

Oh… and the Juice News Daily feed had an interesting note:

“The Bush daughters appeared later on in the program.  However, the reaction from the crowd was difficult to hear when MTV cut to the feed via satelite.

Gee, do ya think MTV is biased, here? They expected a cheer for Kerry… and didn’t get it. They likely raised the roof off the Place when the Bush Daughters came out…. and they cut the feed instead of allowing that info out to the viewers!

Also keep in mind… this is Miami, we’re talking about. You know, the Second Leftist Capital, behind NYC? 

This all speaks VERY loudly indeed, to Kerry’s chances, I think.

Update: Here’s a link to the vid cap; Thanks to the Daily Recycler.

Michelle Malkin has more to say. I’m a little disappointed at Michelle’s response, frankly. She echoes Alice Cooper the other night wondering why the mix of Music and Politics, missing, apparently, the larger point here about the reletive reactions of the crowd to each.

World Net Daily covered the situation, too. WND had an interesting comparison:

“The jeering is reminiscent of another rude welcome for a politician three years ago on MTV’s sister network, VH-1.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., received a large amount of booing during a charity event raising money for the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

“VH-1 cameras captured firemen and police heroes wildly booing Clinton, who attempted to raise her voice above the shouting crowds,” reported Drudge. “‘Get off the stage! We don’t want you here!’ yelled one New York City police officer just feet from the senator.”