Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry said a Republican group that questions whether he deserved his three Purple Hearts and Silver Star is lying and is a “front for the Bush campaign.”

Oh, HO!… So THAT’s the game eh? Well, let’s see. Now perhaps we understand why Kerry tried, without succes, to distance himself from MoveON, who is in effect a front for Kamp Kerry…

You can smell Kerry’s desperation… even at this distance.

Update: Byron over at Slings and Arrows notes the same feed, and takes Kerry to the woodshed, looking into the 527’s backing Kerry… and concludes:

“By Kerry’s measure, each of the organizations that support Democrat causes are “Democrat front groups.” John Kerry only objects when a 527 organization slams him. President George Bush objects to it all, which begs the question, “Is this really a fight John Kerry wants to have?”