Jay Bryant at Townhall points to an interview between All-Around idiot Bill Maher, and John O’Neil, the guy from the Swiftboaters.

Maher asks O’Neil during this interview… I don’t have the exact quote handy, but here’s the gist of it…if all that O’Neill says is true, why is it that other Swift Boat veterans are backing Kerry? 

The answer which Bryant never approaches, is rather simple, and backed with decades of history; Democrats tend to support liars. Consider Mr. Gore, and Mr. Clinton, and host of other Democrats, who have lied, been called out on it, even by the port-listing press… and still their support among the hard core left never wanes.

The reason is simple; Politics. The left can NEVER admit it’s wrong, even when caught oin a flat out lie repeatedly, as John Kerry has been, and as several of his defenders have been…. Tom Harkin, for an offhanded example.

Think I’m kidding? Have we seen any Democrats jump on Kerry’s case for his lies? Clinton for his? Gore for his, etc?

Now, my saying this in this medium isn’t going to cause any earthquakes… at least directly. But at what point does the remainder of the intelligensia start publicly admitting that Democrats and their history f supporting liars is the real cause for the support Kerry’s been getting?