Issue one:
I’m making some progress, as you can see. For a while there today, for reasons I dion’t understand, some of the links would be underlined and other times they wouldn’t be, and often in the same post. All in IE; Mozilla seemed fine. Dunno why, but I’ve got it fixed, I think. The link hover stinks, but it works. I’ll touch up the color on the thing later.

Issue 2:
Turns out, Blogger doesn’t support Trackback. If they’d put up a decent trackback I’d dump Haloscan. As it is, I had to use Haloscan’s comments section, because I couldn’t get the trackback working without it. Are you listening, Blogger?

Issue 3:
Who the heck picks the font sizes in these basic templates? I have to be running 640*480 to even see the stock CSS setups well enough to read them. Got the font sizes up a bit, should be easier to read.

Issue 4:

I’m not overly happy with the white sidebar… a light grey would have been better. Maybe later…

Issue 5:
After busting my bump for a whole &*^$*^^& day on the CSS, I find that a good 15% of my readers can’t even use CSS.  Not sure why, but I suspect there’s folks out there picking up my blog in Palm devices, possibly via AvantGo. I hope that’s the reason, anyway.

Feedback on the new design has been good, though, so I’ll consider this one a small victory. We now return you to BitsBlog, which was already in progress.