I’d planned to write something along these lines, butBoortz said it better

We are just days away now from the release of ‘Unfit For Command, Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry.’  Democrats are ready.  They’ve been spending the past week pouring over the Internet and other sources looking for any piece of information they can find on any Veteran quoted in the book.  The Democratic National Committee has reportedly created a ‘Brown Book’ that contain what has been described as ‘damaging military records, personal credit histories, medical histories, psychiatric histories, divorce records …’  A DNC insider is reported to have said ‘We’ve got the goods on the veterans who oppose Kerry.’  Word is that some of these books have already been delivered to Kerry-friendly reporters.

How do you come up with such information?  Simple.  Just type ‘Neal Boortz’ into a Google search bar.  This morning I got 53,600 responses to that search string**.  By the time you try it there will be even more.  Virtually every word I have ever posted in Nealz Nuze can be found somewhere in those 53,600 links, as can references to many things I’ve said on the show.  God only knows how much personal information you can find there.  Well, this is just part of what the Democrats have been doing with the veterans quoted in ‘Unfit for Command.’

Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who complained about the Republicans and their ‘politics of personal destruction?’ “

It’s an interesting set of conditions for a party that mere weeks ago was complaining:

“Americans are tired of smear campaigns against those who volunteered to wear the uniform.”

Message to Kerry Supporters: YOU are what you were complaining about.