Belmont Club today, examines the plight of the French, who are trying to cut a diplomacy deal with the terrorists who have their two journalists hostage.  But what have the French to offer? Why nothing less than a compromise on Iraqi Freedom.

Says Belmont:

“French diplomats are attempting to link the release of the French hostages to changes in the method and manner in which the Iraqi elections will be held. The mere fact that France is negotiating implicitly means there will be a quid for the quo. After all, in 2003, European hostages held by Al Qaeda affiliate Algerian Islamic militant Group for Preaching and Combat were released in exchange for $6M dollars, according to Deutsche Welle. There were even demands from German politicians to force the ex-hostages to reimburse the state for the payout.”

Worse, Belmont predicts correctly, that if this goes unchallenged, that

“More Americans and Iraqis will die as the price of French appeasement.

Yet the French will not escape the carnivorous attentions of the terrorists in the end.”


And there it is, gang…. This is the choice we face in this election, here in the US. The troubles the French are having, being a result of their policy of appeasement, all ties in directly with the difference between George W. Bush and John Kerry, since, unarguably, Kerry’s stated foreign policy is connected directly to that of the French, particularly in terms of much butt-kissing of the terrorists. 

(Granted our judgment of Kerry’s position is shaky at best, since it assumes we can take Kerry at his word. It seems a stretch…. Particularly the way the man’s been flip flopping like a landed flounder headed for a French Kitchen, but what else can we go on, here?)

It seems to me this situation exemplifies quite clearly why the Kerry’s proposals, which direct us toward a more ‘subtle’ and ‘sensitive’ manner of dealing with terrorism won’t work, and will in fact backfire. The reason is simple enough. What Kerry calls ‘subtlety’ the terrorists correctly identify as ‘weakness’. Just as, by the way, the Arabs have been doing regards the west, including Israel, for 50 years, now… and that’s still going on today… as 15 more Innocents were killed in two bus bombings in Israel just today. The world particularly the UN, has been trying to negotiate it’s way out of terrorism for 50 years, and can’t do it. The reason for this inability is simple; We’re treating terrorists… International criminals of a scale only seen before in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Empire… As equals… We’re trying to treat their culture of death as equal to our own… Their hate as valid…. Their systematic killing of any who oppose them as justified, instead of treating them as the criminals they are.

Seeing this weakness, the terrorists do now and will in future, act accordingly, creating more terror. The amazing, and yet predictable thing is, that should Kerry ever get into the White House and follow up the talk with putting that talk into policy… And given the history of foreign policy with the Democrats we have no cause to doubt he will…, it’s a only matter of time before we’re attacked, as the terrorists try to gain a position to bargain better from. At that point, all we’ll hear is Kerry wailing “It’s not my fault” as we watch what’s left of American cities, smoking,and as we watch America’s stature in the world crumble even further than it did under Jimmy Carter.

Ah, yes, Jimmy Carter, who gave is 444 days of hostages, and spent those 444 days trying to negotiate. After finaly giving up with this, the military option was tried. Problem was of course the military, being so under funded for so long, and so restricted in it’s operative orders, couldn’t perform the job.

The question before us then, is; Does the anti-War Kerry, like the Anti-War French, and like Jimmy Carter, like Madiline Albright,and all the rest… do they really understand that diplomacy when used without the military to back it up, is useless when dealing with Terrorists?

Clearly, the answer is each case, is, “no”. More, each seems proud of this mental disconnect.

Our further existence as a nation, therefore, depends on Kerry or for that matter ANY Democrat not getting the power to follow such ‘subtle’ policy as he proposes doing today. We cannot afford such a man in the White House again.