Nothing formal here, justa few offhanded comments:

* Franken and Moore at the RNC? Yeah, they were both there, and both made the tube during the speeches.  This is akin to Limbaugh showing up to the Boston a few weeks ago. That either one of the slimeballs got out of the place while still breathing is a testimony to Republican open-mindedness… something which neither of them would ever admit to.

*Similarly, Ron Silver. Well, the man himself, at least. Ron Silver’s comments, hwoever… Let’s just say it was an interesting turn-round for this guy. I can’t imagine him being very popular in Hollywood after telling the left they’ve been trying to have to both ways.. protesting agains violent acts but never wanting to take actions against the violent.

*Speaking has never been McCain’s strong suit. His delivery was stilted at best. And longtime readers will know I’ve never liked the man in any event. But McCain’s Comments seemed to me to leave no doubt whatever as to who has his support in this election, and what he thought of the Iraq actions thusfar. Clearly the CNN folks were anoyed with his stated support, and for saying there was more at stake nthan WMD’s alone. Apparently they’d thought he was a closet Democrat… and I agree there’s much in McCain’s history to commend that idea. The Democrat hopes in that area were dashed last night, however. McCain hit a triple.

* As for Rudy Giuliani’s comments…..  Rudy is.. well… Rudy. He clearly was in his own element last night. I’ve done some public speaking, and can ‘feel’ if you will when someone’s got it working for them… and Rudy did last night. He came out swinging, and in my view, hit a Home run.

* Did you notice Zainab Al-Suwaij speaking about America’s contribution to Iraqi freedom?  I could hear Hitlery’s teeth grinding from the other end of the state; she of the line “Iraqi women were better off under Saddam” Her speech left no doubt Iraqis are grateful for our efforts toward their freedom. Again, can you imagine how much air that let out of the Democrat’s tires?