Jenifer over at A Collection of Thoughts passes on something she noted today in the paper:

“From the Washington Times comes the following: Uneven military service records have proved toxic to John Kerry’s campaign for president, prompting him to post his full military record on his Web site for critics to peruse.

But one sharp-eyed Washington Times reader — a former B-52 pilot and U.S. Air Force colonel — isn’t buying Mr. Kerry’s pre-emptive strike. “I looked at that Web site and the first thing I looked at was Kerry’s Silver Star citation. Guess what? It is for an action that took place in 1969, but it is signed by Secretary of the Navy John Lehman. Strangely, Lehman was secretary of the Navy from 1981 to 1987,” he noted. “How could Kerry have received a citation from an official that would not be in office for 12 years? This was NOT just a case of providing a new copy of a citation for the office to replace one that was lost (destroyed/thrown over a wall). This effort by Lehman & Kerry actually changed Kerry’s official Navy record, sometime in the 80s,” he continued.”

Interesting indeed.

Would this explain the discrepancies we’ve been witness to the last few days?
My guess here is this is going to play out over several days, coming to a head about a week from now.

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