The Jackson Sun News has an article up on their site today that suggests there are a lot of stars coming out to help Preident Bush:

“HENDERSONVILLE – A group of politically conservative country music stars launched a get-out-the-vote project Tuesday, saying all Americans have a responsibility to vote in November regardless of their political party.

”Your vote does count,” country and bluegrass musician Ricky Skaggs said. ”It’s a God-given right and a freedom that we have in this country. And freedom is not free.”

The project will include public service announcements by Skaggs, Randy Travis, Darryl Worley, Josh Turner, Marty Raybon, Billy Dean and others.

Despite the nonpartisan tone of their plea, Skaggs made it clear that he personally supports President Bush. He was set to leave Tuesday to participate in a Bush campaign rally in Minneapolis.