Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle, otherwise known to the local populace here in my home town as the Chronic Democrat, is running a story you’ll find of interest.

“(August 7, 2004) — It was bad enough, Asif Iqbal said, when he only had to deal with airline hassles.
But now, Iqbal — who shares a name with a former terrorist suspect — has new hassles. Earlier this week, the CBS Evening News ran a story about the terrorist suspect, but ran the photo of the local Iqbal, a 31-year-old software consultant who lives in Pittsford.”

Pittsford is a fairly well-to-do eastern bedroom of the City of Rochester, so this guy isn’t exactly in the poorhouse. I expect he’s got some legal muscle, here.

More as I find… but it looks like we should be breaking out the crow recepies for Danny Boy…