AP: Porter Goss to be DCI:

“WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush has chosen Rep. Porter Goss, chairman of the House intelligence committee and a one-time Army intelligence operative and CIA officer, to head the embattled agency. “

A solid choice.  It should be noted that at 65, Goss represents a fairly short term choice; perhaps 8 years at best. However, in the post 9/11 world, and more particualrly in the post 9/11 commission world, a short term choice might be just the thing.  It’ll be interesting to see the reaction of Congess. He’s already a member of Congress representing Florida’s 14th District, (Website) (Voting record) so confirmation should be a fairly straightforward formal process, without a whole lot of contention.

Then again, this is an election year, and the voting record suggests there’s a few items for the far left to shot at, particularly in Florida.