Drudge yesterday:

“After warning about the “Death of the West,” bestselling author and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan now declares: “There is no conservative party left in Washington.”

Know what? Buchanan’s quite correct.

Thing Buchanan hasn’t figured out yet is, that list would seem to include Buchanan himself. Buchanan has never BEEN a conservative, being rather, a populist of he first order.

Which makes the remainder of his commentary on the subject laughable at best.

He’s been right, occasionally over the years, and I’ve supported him, in those times.
This isn’t one of them.

Buchanan’s claims, though put an interesting twist of the Democrats and theor portrayal of Mr Bush as a far right-winger… the second incarnation of Hitlerm etc, etc… Buchanan’s saying Bush isn’t even a conservative. And know what? Pat’s right. Mr. Bush has never been anything but a centerist.

That designation, however, still puts him head and shoulders above John Kerry in terms of what’s good for this country.