DRUDGE is running a topline that says:

“Attack Attempt On MSNBC Chris Matthews… Live On Air… Street Set Outside Convention… Hooded protester jumps security line … Police move in immediatly… Guard Tackled… Bush/Cheney supporters gathered near show set at Herald Square were pushed and spat on by protesters, fake blood thrown while Matthews remained on air… Developing… ”

OK, I guess this doesn’t shock me.

Yes, Matthews has been their best freind, but the idea that would make freinds of Leftists like Mattews immune to the nonsense…. something he clearly though was true, else he’d not have been where he was…. assumes that the people doing up violence and mayhem actually need a REASON to ply their craft.

I wonder if this will re-tilt Mr Matthews away from the far left. I doubt it, but I’m hopeful.