With the exception of the Cambodian Christmas thing, and the recent soap opera shouting macth with his wife, both of which are noted below…not much going on on the Kerry front today, at least in the public eye. Looks like he’s trying to keep his head down. His people have doubtless told the man to STFU, ’cause he’s only hurting himself when he doesn’t. Odd, how the only way to get a Democrat elected is to hide his true nature.

Speaking of storms, I’m watching Florida.

Meanwhile, Dubya has a new ad up, and that looks good. No shock that there’s nothing in the press about it.

Andy Card’s doing an online chatfest at the WH today which should be interesting.

Blodex seems to be unreachable at the moment, though my net connections have been screwy all week.
Boortz is light today.

Drudge is lighter than usual, apparently watching the Florida storms to see if any more chads turn up.

Drezner’s not been himself for over a week now, and the act is wearing a little thin. Com’on, Dan, it was cute for the first day or two…

Beck’s working on a track and can’t be bothered. Hope he posts the result.

My truck’s in the shop. I’ll post pics this weekend; it’s a beauty, but it doesn’t ‘go’ at the moment.

It’s raining. My head hurts.

Now you have some idea why I spent most of last night and some of this morning, changing the look of this site.