Yes, I know, I’ve been light on blogging today… I warned you that’d happen.
I spent the day happily polishing and waxing Bits Box. My brother, who is starting a detail business… he’s actually quite good… was helping me out, with a professional touch…. it was appriciated more than he knows. I’m OK with this stuff, but scared to death I’m gonna mess up the paint. Plus I got to spend a day with my brother. I don’t do that as often as I’d like.

The Box’s Blue paint is now particularly bright. I found myself a little disapointed that the sun wasn’t out more today, because I’ll bet the silver metalflake looks really good, now. Of course, it rained like the devil on the way home, so I never got a photo of the thing.  First thing I ended up doing was washing the thing, upon arriving at home. Not bright enough for photos today, anwyay.

So far I’ve spent around $1800 getting this thing up from the condition the dealer sold it to me in. Perhaps I’ll do a little write up describing the problems I went through getting this thing up to snuff… it’s really not 100% yet.  Some small suspension issues to deal with in the front. but it’s road worthy, at least.

And anway, what would I have blogged aboout? The idiots in NYC?  I refuse to get excited about this stuff. As I told you; The last time this happened, the voters were so turned off by the antics of the left that the Republican won in a landslide.

I’ve already pointed at the polling that reports a growing Majority of voters support President Bush.  So the leftists managed to slip a few hundred thousand into the Apple to raise hell. Big deal; you could do that at a Dave Matthews concert, assuming the driver stays the hell away from that sewage handle on the bus.