After fooling with the templates for a few days, I think I’ve got it close enough to put the new look for BitsBlog online. The result is what you see. It’s a little cleaner and a lot faster in loading.

It’s not done yet, of course… there’s the trackback stuff to deal with… it’s not online yet.

And I likely have formatting issues; the biggest GIF/JPG file I can call out in this template of 400 px wide.

One thing I did do was to move from Haloscan’s commenter system to Blogger’s… in an effort to try and eliminate the 1k limit per comment that Haloscan used. Only problem is, it fouls up trackback, so I’m going back to Haloscan. This may lose me all the comment so far, and it may not. We’ll see.

Let me know what you think, and pardon my dust while I finish this mess.