Eric Florack on August 24th, 2004

““NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused President Bush’s campaign and political allies on Tuesday of conducting a campaign of “fear and smear” to avoid talking about jobs, health care and the war in Iraq.” Memo to John Kerry: Ummm…. John? Let’s go over some facts, shall we? It was YOU who […]

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Eric Florack on August 24th, 2004

Ralph Peteres in today’s NYP: “John Kerry lied. Without remorse. To advance his budding political career. He tarnished the reputation of his comrades when the military was out of vogue. Now, three decades later, camouflage is back in the fall fashion line-up. Suddenly, Kerry’s proud of his service, portraying himself as a war hero. But […]

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Drudge yesterday: “After warning about the “Death of the West,” bestselling author and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan now declares: “There is no conservative party left in Washington.” Know what? Buchanan’s quite correct. Thing Buchanan hasn’t figured out yet is, that list would seem to include Buchanan himself. Buchanan has never BEEN a conservative, being […]


Eric Florack on August 24th, 2004

Like you don’t know, Johnboy? Kerry’s apparently trying to douse this fire. Indications are, it won’t work. Drudge has some details. McQ at O&O, meanwhile, has something of import he desires to say to Mr. Kerry.

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Eric Florack on August 24th, 2004

From the Edmonton SUN and ALICE COOPER has told the Canadian Press that all the rock stars campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry are guilty of one thing: treason. The shock-rock legend, a staunch Republican who attends NBA games in Phoenix with Arizona Senator John McCain, was disgusted when he learned of plans […]

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