OK, I do get a little Monty Pythonish at this hour…

I’ve had lots to say on Joe Wilson and Valarie Plame, his wife.Ann Coulter as usual, says it better about Wilson…  And so does Novak, who has some closer views of this than anyone else.. and amazingly enough, Chris Hitchens comes up with an article I can link to about Plame, as well.

The Instant One has a link you should check out. seems Kerry’s paying for a website that Wilson’s running called “Restore Honesty”

Perhaps Kerry is simply replacing his Botox regimen, with Raw Egg.


WSJ has a really good write up of all of this, today:

“All of this matters because Mr. Wilson’s disinformation became the vanguard of a year-long assault on Mr. Bush’s credibility. The political goal was to portray the President as a “liar,” regardless of the facts. Now that we know those facts, Americans can decide who the real liars are. ”