Got my new web host chosen.
I’ll fill you in as time goes on.
I’ll be in a financial situation to deal with that choice come October, think, the way it looks right now.

With that hosting choice made however, I’m starting to understand that I need t make a choice about blogging software, as well. I’m well pleased, so far with Blogger, but I do know a number of points where blogger falls short.

One such area is backtracking. I’m using HaloScan just now. It’s certainly better than nothing, and about the best you could expect for something that is so external to Blogger software as to not even be a plug-in. But it’s such a pain to manually backtrack ping, which with the Blogger/Haloscan combo is your only option… no fault, I think, to them. Perhaps I’m not implimenting it correctly, I dunno.

But I would hope that any blogging software… MT, WP, etc… would have some automation for the backtracking process. Do any of my readers have any input here?
(I know from reading my hitsheets a lot of you are bloggers, yourselves..)