Yahoo! News – Tyson’s Comeback Crushed by Williams

“LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The end came with the shocking suddenness of many Mike Tyson fights. First, the flurry of devastating punches, then a fighter falling bleeding to the canvas. Even more shocking was that fighter was Tyson himself.

A comeback born out of financial desperation didn’t go past the fourth round Friday night when an unheralded British heavyweight by the name of Danny Williams knocked Tyson out with a savagery that may have once and for all exposed Tyson as a shot fighter. ”

Suits me. The guy was a punk, IS a punk and will always BE a punk.
Prediction: We’ll next see Tyson as he’s being carted back to Jail. There is, after all, still that matter of a 38 million dollar debt brought on by a ‘bling-bling’ spree… debt he will never now be able to repay, given he won’t be able to get a good bar room brawl going, much less people paying to see him fight.

Only one group of people deserve any sympathy out of all of this; his creditors.
Yes, I know professional boxing was damaged by Tyson. It’s their own fault for not clamping down on this moron, when they had the chance. Are you listening, MLB, NBA and NFL?