Decided to wait until this morning to give you some impressions from last night… because frankly, what we saw last night was nothing regular readers wouldn’t already know comes from Democrats:

The heart and soul of the Democrat party was not shown to us last night. What we saw last night was far leftists trying to play like they’re dyed in the wool conservatives. In a way, this is an indication of the victory of the right… the Democrats are tacitly admitting their core values won’t sell in middle America.

But listen close, and what we got last night was more of the same in a thin veil;
Government created jobs, bow to the union thugs, Class warfare, bow to the UN, etc.
Nothing new, and most certainly nothing Americans want. My co-worker here remarks that Jimmy Carter has sunk to a new low. Not so… he was always there… he’s just better than some at hiding his true nature.

But the biggest, overall impression of the DNC last night was that of a kid trying to hide what he’s really up to, and being sly about it. What we got last night didn’t give us the soul of the Democrats. If you want the real picture of what the heart and soul of the Democrats is, you’ll ahve to wait for hem to get around to releasing the tape of the foul tirade that was that NYC fundraiser.

And you know they’re not going to give you that.