My Way News says:

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Slim-Fast diet drink company has dumped Whoopi Goldberg from its advertising because its executives were unhappy with remarks the comedian made at a recent political rally that mocked President Bush.

“We are disappointed by the manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express herself and sincerely regret that her recent remarks offended some of our consumers. Ads featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on the air,” Slim-Fast general manager Terry Olson said in a press release Wednesday

Yes, I saw this yesterday when it happened, but hadn’t really thought much about it. But I got to discussing it with my wife, and it started me thinking on the topic. I guess one reason is, it’s pretty much par for the Democrats course, anymore to spew this kind of hate at these things.  But my freind here at work asks a good question: Where’s the outrage? Have we become so beaten down by this stuff that we simply ignore it?

He’s got a point. We shouldn’t let this stuff slide.

John Kerry for his part, has publicly suggested that Ms Goldberg’s drunken tirade, along with the rest of the idiots on stage that night, including Kerry himself, represent the “Heart and Soul” of America.

The fact of the matter is, Kerry has never understood what constitutes the ‘Heart and Soul of America’ and wouldn’t be able to identify it if it leaped up and bit him on his Botox supply.  If Kerry thinks this is the heart and soul of America, then what he’s telling us is that heart and soul of America is filled with hatred, bigotry, and vulgerity… because that’s all we got out of that show in NYC the other night.

However, Kerry’s statement does go a long way indeed toward reinforcing what I said the other day about Ted Rall and other Democrats;

Rall is not being outrageous for it’s own sake, he’s simply being a mainstream Democrat. That connection between Ralls outrages and the Mainstream Democrats needs to be hammered home.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.

And once the American people really see this bigotry for what it is, not only will Rall be on his back looking up, but so will the political party he speaks so well for.

And the same goes for the likes of Goldberg. It’s part and parcel of the same phenom.

That kind of blind hatred taints the entre party, right to the top. Think; Kerry, the presidential candidate, has no time to read reports on terrorism. Yet he has time to join a bunch of his fellow Democrats in spewing vulgarity and hate.. and then claim it’s reflective of America.

No wonder the Democrats are lothe to release the tape. They know the American people will see the Democrat Party in all it’s glory, and will react accodingly.

Note to Ed Gilespie: Keep up the pressue of the Democrats to release this tape. Make sure the American people know what the Democrat party really stands for… in their own words.

Now, over the next few days, You’re going to hear the Democrats, Goldberg included, whine loud and long about “Freedom of speech’ but the bottom line is she still has that.  What she got a reminder of yesterday was that others have freedoms as well… for example to use their money in ways they see fit… for example… not to spend money on a firm that supports such as Whoopie Goldberg.

And, think also; the Slimfast Company is led by a staunch liberal, who gave over a million Dollars to the Kerry Campaign. That point bears close watching over the next weeks, I think.


I noticed this Joe Katzman post, and was caught by a line just now, over at Winds of Change.

The post is talking about another outrage.. Moore and “Feral Hate 9/11”.
Joe quotes Irfan Khawaja of the Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society:

“Moore’s film, we’re told, is unfair, impolite, unsubtle, unwise, obnoxious, tendentious, and maddeningly self-contradictory – all Scott’s terms, not mine. And yet, Scott insists, Moore is a “credit to the republic” for having made the film despite this. It seems not to have occurred to Scott that once you concede that crap like Fahrenheit 9/11 is a “credit to the republic,” you’ve already conceded that the republic is itself a piece of crap “…….

And it occurrs to me to ask; If Kerry thinks this display in NY that I’ve been writing about, constitutes a reflection of the “Heart and Soul” of the country, what is he really saying about our country? Our culture?

And for that matter, more directly, what is he saying about you and I? Personally, I’m decidedly insulted, and think you should be, as well.