I’ve had two people e-mail me, asking why no comments about the target rich environment that is Linda Rondstadt. To paraphrase one of the songs she covered… “It’s Too Easy”

OK, OK, I guess it’s valid question… I didn’t write about it until now for reasons I never really thought through. I operated here on the pure feel of it. I guess, though, that my reasoning can be set out this way:

Why would I be spending any time and bandwidth on someone who to this day, takes former California Gov Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown seriously, on ANY level? (You may or may not recall, they used to be a serious item and to this day, she still likes his brand of politics.) The bottom line, here is she’s a nut case… she was 35 years ago when she was involved with the Stone Ponys, and alas, she’s not grown since. Too bad such a talent has to be such a blithering idiot.

Her complaints about knowing there are Republicans and Christians in her audience as posted on Drudge yesterday does expose the unbridled hatred and bigotry that is the core of leftist politics. But this isn’t news.

As to Moore’s free-speech complaints to the Alladin, let’s just bring in my write-up on Whoopie Goldberg and change the names. To wit:

….the Experiment in freedom was defined as a lack of consequence from the GOVERNMENT. You exercised right to free speech… And pretty free it was… To the point of abuse, I think.

Your problem, Ms.Goldberg (Rondstadt), is that in response to your using that right, other Americans have exercised THEIR right to free speech… and further, they have threatened to take their business elsewhere… Something they always have the right to do in a free marketplace. –Bithead 07/16/04

That’s a point the far left will never understand.