OK… the new site for BitsBits, my collection of long-form editorials, is online and working, though I ahve much in the way of update and custom CSS HTML to do. So far, I’ve put a fair number of archival posts up… Nothing major big just now, and not very much from what’s on the old site. But some of them go back to 99 and even to 98. Yes, I’ve been doing this a while.

I’ll change the links in the right column later once I get close to what I’m looking for in the long form. But perhaps you’ll be interested to have a peek at what I’m setting up there?

Here’s your link


I’ve got perhaps 100 of my long-form Bits online. Not bad for an afternoon’s work. There’s likely to be several errors, particulalry in the formatting. I’ll get ’em fixed, of course.

In going over the older stuff it’s amazing to me how many of them speak directly to the political fight just now. Have a look, please, and feel free to make suggestions, and feedback.