This Washtington Post Article (sorry, registration required) is remarkable in two ways:

One, that they even try to address this issue when their counterpart, the NYTimes is playing it so seriously partisan, as described over at the Belgravia Dispatch but more because it blows up the Clintonite’s defenses

After Berger’s previous visit, in September, Archives officials believed documents were missing. This time, they specially coded the papers to more easily tell whether some disappeared, said government officials and legal sources familiar with the case. . . .

The government source said the Archives employees were deferential toward Berger, given his prominence, but were worried when he returned to view more documents on Oct. 2. They devised a coding system and marked the documents they knew Berger was interested in canvassing, and watched him carefully. They knew he was interested in all the versions of the millennium review, some of which bore handwritten notes from Clinton-era officials who had reviewed them. At one point an Archives employee even handed Berger a coded draft and asked whether he was sure he had seen it.

At the end of the day, Archives employees determined that that draft and all four or five other versions of the millennium memo had disappeared from the files, this source said.

Looks like what he was concerned about was those handwritten notes, of both he and other Clinton administration people… As in, those notes would expose who knew what, when. It was in fact those handwritten notes… originals of those handwritten notes… that are now missing and have been destroyed by Berger.. before the commission ever saw them.  Now the commission will tell you in hteir report today that they didn’t miss any documents. And that’s right. But what of the handwritten notes on said documents?

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