AP is saying Berger got the word today:

Of course the spin is that Berger stepped down. We know better.

“Mr. Berger does not want any issue surrounding the 9/11 commission to be used for partisan purposes. With that in mind he has decided to step aside as an informal adviser to the Kerry campaign until this matter is resolved,” said Lanny Breuer, Berger’s attorney.

Well, he doesn’t want it political if Democrats don’t benefit from it. Once again; How many origiinal documents incriminating Berger and other Democrats made it to Berger’s shredder?


Captain Ed notes the same report, and asks:

The question now is when did the Kerry campaign find out about the security breaches at the National Archives? These thefts happened in October 2003, and Berger served the Kerry campaign since he started sweeping the primaries in February, at least. Bruce Lindsey had been notified at the time the documents disappeared. Not only that, but in order to receive security briefings during the campaign, Berger would have to either have retained his clearance or applied for a new one. While under this kind of investigation, that clearance had to have been cancelled or suspended — something that the Kerry campaign had to know.

The question is what did Kerry know, and when did he know it?

So right, Ed.

Kevin Patrick notes the same quote and responds:

WHAT!!???? Use the 9/11 Commission for partisan purposes??? That is the only thing the Democrats HAVE used the 9/11 commission for. They timed the release of Richard Clarke’s anti-Bush book to his testimony. Berger himself pointed the finger directly at Dr. Condoleeza Rice in his opening statement (see my original post for the exact text). Democratic Commissioners have grandstanded and filibustered throughout their questioning (only to accuse the Republican respondants of exactly that).

What a martyr for “sacrificing” of his position as adviser to keep partisanship out of the 9/11 Commission and its report. The pathetic legacy of the Clinton era’s dishonesty continues.