Well, I’ll say it up front; I expected Kerry to attempt to deceive in his acceptance speech last night… and I wasn’t disappointed.  He started doing it with the very first words out of is mouth, no less… “We’re here because we love our country.”

Sorry, but no sale. I’ve watched Democrats too long to allow that one by me.  Explain to me how someone who loves their country would propose to weaken it, force it to submit to the one worlders, and weaken it’s internal structures to the point of making the 9/11 attacks possible?

As if that wasn’t enough, he went on from there… for another 54 minutes, 24 seconds, by my admittedly rough broadcaster’s internal time sense. To my ear, the speech sounded a bit hurried. Almost as if he was under some kind of time pressure. I wondered several times if he had a clock under the lip of that podium. On the other hand, if I had to deliver the fetid garbage he delivered last night, I’d have hurried too, just to be rid of it.

He asked us to judge him on his record. Man, if everyone did that, we could all go home. But, I have a reputation as a nice guy to maintain… so let’s do as he asks. Yes, let’s judge him by his record.

Kerry’s record in the Senate is one of a walking disaster for this country…. by his voting record, not his rhetoric, he is the single most leftist senator in history… even by the measurement of his own people. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

His 20 years in the Senate have been completely devoid of what anyone, and I mean anyone would call a major accomplishment. Which, perhaps, is why he didn’t mention one last night. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

When he decided to show up at all, one could count on Mr. Kerry to vote against America. During this 20 year period, his senatorial accomplishments included having voted for a nuclear freeze, thus crippling our defense. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

He voted to cut the intel budget, and then on the night of the 9/11 attacks bitched about how the people whose funding he cut, had failed us. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

He voted for our action in Iraq, and then voted against funding the people he’d voted to send. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

As a member of the Senate Intel Committee, he missed all but nine of the 38 meetings of that committee… Including the one regarding terrorist threats, which was held just prior to the 9/11 attacks. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

Here’s a man who stood up in a Senate Hearing and slandered soldiers, slamming them, and claiming that he had witnessed atrocities in Vietnam we now know he never saw. We have him on record in a flat out lie… in his first-ever action in the public eye. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

Kerry is on record as being on both sides of the Iraq issue, as I will examine in some detail in this weekend’s BIT’s BIT. So, yes, let’s judge him by his record.

Here’s more of his record… parts he didn’t mention.

Good entertainment? I guess. Good speech? So-So. Truth? Heck no.

Let’s call this what it was; Kerry stood last night in front of a party that is not being held together by conviction. It’s not a party held together by the purpose of bettering the country. It’s not a party that even agrees with Kerry’s mouthing support for the Iraq war. Kerry last night made a speech to Democrat party that is divided in the extreme about even having the man up there… and one that will, win or lose, veer wildly left following the election, no matter which way it goes. The only thing that holds them together as a party right now is a blistering hate for George W. Bush, or anyone, for that matter that will challenge their power.

Hatred of a political opponant is not enough of a basis to ask for power on.

Which gets us back to Kerry’s opening line. He and the rest of the Democrats are not, as Kerry insisted last night, there for love of country…. Far from it.

They’re there because of their own love of power, and their own hatred for those who love their country.

The American people as a whole, are smarter than to give that power to them.

Enough about his speech. No, I’m not going to make much the screwup with the balloons and confetti. I love that it happened, but the event speaks for itself.

The reaction to the event is worthy of note, however. The Democrats are claiming that they meant to do that… they wanted the balloons to last a long time. Well, if that was the intent, don’t you think the director would have known that, instead of wondering on CNN’s air…..”What the f—- are you guys doing up there?”

I mean, my gosh is there nothing these Democrats won’t LIE about? I guess we can take that as a metaphor of a Kerry Administration. Do we really want these clowns in the White House?

By the way; Outside the Beltway seems to have the best collection of comments on the speech last night from around Blogdom… but I note with some wry amusement he’s not mentioned this blog. (wink). I note Matt Margolis at Blogs For Bush does a pretty good job here, as well.

Update:McQ over at Q&O expands rather well on the idea of judging Kerry on his record. His write up explores more directly the points on Kerry’s record, and is well worth the time.