McQ over at QandO quotes an AP article on the 9/11 commission report:

“The highly anticipated report provided new details on contacts between Iraq and al-Qaida, noting that Osama bin Laden began exploring a possible alliance in the early 1990s. In one new disclosure, the report says that an Iraqi delegation traveled to Afghanistan in July 1998 to meet with the ruling Taliban and with bin Laden. “

McQ asks, somewhat rethorically, if …

“…that will make it past page A27 in the NYT if it makes it at all.”

Thing is, That’s not new… Nothing the 9/11 commission came up with was new… they’re simply going over facts and reports that already existed.

And of course it is, all of it, stuff the left and the press (A redundancy) have been denying all along. What makes you think them likely to embrace these facts going into an election?

Sorry, I don’t see it.