Doctor Walter Williams speaks to “Free Health Care” by examining the myth of the ‘superior” system of Canadian Health Care. he points to the annual report of the Frasier Institute which…

“….shows that the average time a patient waited between referral from a general practitioner to treatment rose from 16.5 weeks in 2001-02 to 17.7 weeks in 2003. Saskatchewan had the longest average waiting time of nearly 30 weeks, while Ontario had the shortest, 14 weeks.

….in some instances, patients die on the waiting list because they become too sick to tolerate a procedure. Houston says that hip-replacement patients often end up non-ambulatory while waiting an average of 20 weeks for the procedure, and that’s after having waited 13 weeks just to see the specialist. The wait to get diagnostic scans followed by the wait for the radiologist to read them just might explain why Cleveland, Ohio, has become Canada’s hip-replacement center. ”

My own experience here in Rochester, NY… about 60 miles off the border of Canada (and north of a goodly chunk of that countrys’ border) is similar to reports I hear from the Cleveland area.


PS to Terry Pearson, you’ll be particularly interested.