Debra Saunders points up, among other things the overall strategy, here:

” There was no Republican in charge when blackouts hit Northern California in June 2000, but if the Dems can tie Lay to Bush, voters may forget.”

In fact, when the blackouts began, Gray Davis was governor. Bill Clinton was president. Clinton played golf with Lay. ”

She also points up at the lead of the amen chours for the Democrats in the press on this one as in many other points, is a name you’ll know.. and what do you know, there’s an Enron connection, here…

“But I forget the columnist who, before joining The New York Times, received $50,000 to serve on an Enron advisory board. He later gushed about Enron in a Fortune magazine piece, without disclosing his Kenny Boy connection. His name is Paul Krugman.”

Amazing how the facts change things, isn’t it?