Dr. Sowell’s new one is called Political malpractice, the point of which being Kerry’s lying to us.

“Senator Kerry has been busy posing for the media shooting guns, playing hockey, declaring himself as having ‘conservative’ values, and even saying that life begins at conception. The point of all this is to counter any attempt to depict him as a limousine liberal, out of touch with the values of mainstream Americans.
It is an insult to our intelligence to act as if posing with guns is as significant as how the Senator has voted on gun control laws during his 16 years in Congress. It is an insult to our intelligence to claim conservative values when both liberal and non-partisan organizations have rated John Kerry’s voting record as the most liberal in the Senate, more liberal even than Ted Kennedy’s.
What matters is not what Senator Kerry says during an election year about life beginning at conception. What matters is how he has voted on bills involving abortion — and how he has declared that he will block the appointment of any judges who are not pro-abortion. ”

Read it.