Nice to see Bob Novak come to the same conclusion I came to back in April… that being that only hate drives the Democrats.

He points to the unions and their dissatisfaction with the Democrats, that I already pointed to yesterday.

Their problem, of course is that to get their boy in this far, they’ve had to hide their true nature… as I’ve been saying all though this convention.

Says Novak:

“This forbearance for the party’s internal differences can last no longer than Nov. 3, when President Bush’s fate will be settled. If Sen. John Kerry wins, the party’s left wing will press an agenda set aside to achieve electoral success. If Kerry loses, it will be worse. His campaign’s moderation will be blamed by forces insisting on moving left the next time.”

Translation: Win or lose, the party will return to it’s roots after the election, by veering left, which will destroy them altogether. They are hiding those roots from you now, so as to get your vote. But their true nature is something you would not vote for.

You’d better hope like crazy, that they don’t have the power to take the country with them… and work toward the avoidance of that happening.

Dale Franks over at Q and O seems to see the same underlying split in the party… and there seems to be a duality in their candidates as a result of trying to satisfy both ends of the increasing split:

“So, I’m watching the convention, but I gotta tell you, it’s just giving me mental whiplash. Barack Obama comes out one night and tells me that we’re all one America. One big happy family. Then John Edwards comes out and, in what is essentially a rebuttal to Mr. Obama, tells me that there are, in fact, two Americas, and if I’m part of the America where we have to burn tires in our yard to keep warm, then I’m screwed. Then, Edwards proceeds to fisk himself, by telling me that he came from a modest background as the son of a mill worker and postal clerk, but then became fabulously wealthy. Uh, OK, but I thought you were from the Poor America that gets anally probed all the time by Rich America. So, if you can go from Poor America to Rich America, then why do we all need government help?”

When the splits are this close to the surface, you know they’re not telling you the truth.

Son of an update:
Sean over at Everything I Know Is Wrong notes the same problem, noting that all the centerist noises the Johns are making right now willbe flushed once the election comes around.

“Even if Kerry is elected, the only hope mainstream Democrats have of seeing any of the planks acted upon is if he has enough backbone to stand up to the powerful left wing of his leftist party. Based on past performance, what do you think the odds of that are?”