Ponder this situation:
So, your candidate looks goofy, both in the sense of looking strange and looking LIKE Goofy. And that’s just his face.

And then, someone takes a picture of your guy… in an election year, no less. Who running for office, can turn down a photo-op in an election year? Geeee.

OK, so he looks like he’s having work done at the neighborhood amateur protologist, who happened to be taking Teresa’s advise of the other night to that reporter.

Worse yet, look at the smile on the guy! Aside from the length of it, I mean. He looks for all the world like he LIKES that kind of thing.  (Do we really wanna know what that hose is for? Nooooooo.)

Jay Leno, call your office.

What do you do? How do the high-priced election types react? Do you giggle and move on, suggesting your guy actually posesses something rare in the Democrat circles of late… a sense of HUMOR? Gosh no. You do what any good Democrat would do; You panic and blame someone else. Bringing back visions of Dukakis in the tank, you dance and scream “Foul”, claiming “Nasa leaked the photos to smear Kerry!!!!!”.

DRUDGE has the details.

PS: I’ve got a news flash for Kerry’s people… he doesn’t need help looking goofy, OK? And this picture doesn’t mean squat in terms of losing polling numbers… he was doing that already. Trust me; when they ask how George W. Bush won a second term, the first answer will decidedly NOT be… “Nobody managed to get any goofy pictures of him”

But your reaction, here, is typical Democrat…. and on that one factor, you’ll lose even more votes than the votes you’d have lost for your candidate simply being himself and laughing about it.  And that loss is richly deserved.

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And Captain Ed tops ’em all with this comment:

The Left likes to talk about how paranoid Nixon was, but these days Nixon almost seems like Pollyanna compared to the Democrats. According to Mary Beth Cahill, John Kerry is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that when someone points a camera at him and asks him to smile, he doesn’t know they’re taking a photograph, even when the flash goes off, and even when he’s asked to pose with three other NASA employees. Is that what Cahill wants us to believe?

Or, perhaps, it’s more likely that John Kerry and his campaign continue to blame his own missteps on others. He didn’t fall, that son-of-a-bitch pushed him. They weren’t his medals, they were Some Other Guy’s, and besides they were ribbons, which mean the same thing as medals, except when they don’t. He didn’t vote for war, Bush misled him into voting for the war. He voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it. He didn’t smile, those NASA bastards used a camera to fool him into thinking that his visit was a secret.

If Kerry isn’t man enough to take responsibility for his own actions, why should anyone vote to give him responsibility for leading and protecting the free world?”

Too right, Ed.