Frankly, I was happy to see I was not on the invite list to the RNC. (Yeah, right)

Seriously… I was very happy to see that Captain’s Quarters, Slant Point, WhizBang,and A Small Victory are all going. Congrats to all of them. I’d have had to get a babysitter, anyway….

Apparently the American Press institute’s “” is tracking these folks, as they’ve done for the DNC. I can’t help but feel a little concerned, here. The establishment press has made no secret over the last several months, about Bloggers, and are openly wondering if Bloggers are a challenge to the ‘authority’ of the traditional press.  Could this tracking be an effort at control of what message gets out from these bloggers, I wonder? Just sayin’….

Side note: Speaking of controlling Bloggers, I note that there’s very little chatter about the bloggers the DNC first invited and the uninvited. But with the DNC obviously trying to muzzle their heart and soul of their own party… IE; the far left, I note with no small interest that the people they uninvited were, in my view, the most vocal and the most strident of the far left, and thereby this uninvitation was clearly inline with the laughable DNC effort to paint itself as conservative.

Update: Looks like Blogs For Bush is going, too.  Good.