The new addition is complete…

I’ve got most everything I’d planned to put into BitsBits from the archives… looks like around 60 posts, now the 100 I mentioned before. Most of the difference is because the links in some of the older items are deadsville. (Shrug)

I’ve changed the links off the homepage to point both BitsBits and BitsBlog to the respective Blogspot addresses.

I’ve added Icons for both BitsBits and BitsBlog to the right column, so you can navigate between them.

I’ve left the old addresses up for a while, since the search engines haven’t picked up the Blogspot addresses yet, and that’s critical to hitcounts. I’ll be deleting most of the Bits on the Roadrunner address sometime in the 3rd quarter.

I’ll be turning on the Comments section soon as I figure out how to get the CSS adapted for the purpose.

Be sure to check out the extensive archive while on the BitsBits section.
And drop me some mail with your thoughts.