Housekeeping notes:

None of the changes I’m talking about involve BitsBlog. The changes are I’m speaking of here are BitsBits, which are the long form comments I usually post weekly. (Follow the link on the upper right to find the current BitsBits)

With some recent advanacements in the site, I’ve decided to move my long-form stuff off of my RoadRunner web space and to Blogger. I’m in the process of setting up the new site for this, and it’ll take some time to do. I’m going to see if I can keep the old URLs active and link them to the new locations on Blogger… I’m still getting large numbers of hits from the older stuff particularly the Kerry writeups. Don’t want to lose those hits.

What this will do is allow me some added space on the local Roadrunner drives. I’ll use the RR account as a place to keep the graphics for both Blogger accounts… at least that’s the way I have it figured.
Let you know as we go, here.

I’ve started work on moving some of my archived stuff, dating back to 1998 and before, up to the present. Looks like it’ll be around a gig or so of space, all told. Some of this stuff hasn’t ben online for years. I should be opening up the as yet under construction site in the next few days.