Some nice comments this morning in my mail, regarding BitsBits, since I put it up on Sunday. Some 26 people wrote to send their kind comments and suggestions. Thanks.

And as for some of the specific comments, yes, the same page set up can be confusing. My thought was to change the background color of BitsBits, to, say, light blue. Or a pale yellow… justdiferent enough to remind you the context… but layoutwise, similar enough where you don’t think it’s a whole different place. I’m looking at this and may make those alterations today sometime.

As to comments there; I’m looking at that, as well. I’ve tried Blogger’s native comments code and am not fully happy with the flexability of it, (particularly as regards user control) but I’m thinking it’s the way I’m using it.  We’ll see.

The slightly angering part about all of this is that I’d not have had to resort to teh second sub-domain had Google encoded a category seperator into their system.  Are you listening, Blogger?

(shrug) This will do, for now.

This will grow and change, over time, I’m sure. But here’s how I envision this;
This should still be the first place you come, going forward. When I post a long form editorial, I’ll link it from here.

Of course you’re welcome to jump around the rather largish arcives..

Simple enough?