WASHINGTON (AP) – : “In a secret operation, the United States last month removed from Iraq nearly two tons of uranium and hundreds of highly radioactive items that could have been used in a so-called dirty bomb, the Energy Department disclosed Tuesday.
The nuclear material was secured from Iraq’s former nuclear research facility and airlifted out of the country to an undisclosed Energy Department laboratory for further analysis, the department said in a statement.

Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham described the previously undisclosed operation, which was concluded June 23, as ‘a major achievement’ in an attempt to ‘keep potentially dangerous nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists.’ ”

But how could ths be, if as the left has been telling us, there were no WMD in Iraq under Saddam? Couldn’t be the left and the press it owns, lied to us, or didn’t know what they were talking about?
It couldn’t be that President Bush DID know what he was talking about, right?

Hat tip: Bill Hobbs