Eric Florack on July 7th, 2004

The Financial Times: “A UK government inquiry into the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq is expected to conclude that Britain’s spies were correct to say that Saddam Hussein’s regime sought to buy uranium from Niger. The inquiry by Lord Butler, which was delivered to the printers on Wednesday and is expected to […]

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Eric Florack on July 7th, 2004

AP is quietly reporting: “The Energy Department says gasoline prices have inched downward again. They now average just over $1.89 a gallon nationwide”

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Eric Florack on July 7th, 2004

Good News from Iraq Nuff said

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Eric Florack on July 7th, 2004

I’m going to go outside my usual blogging for this one, because I consider it of greatest import that we know who we’re dealing with.     WHO IS JOHN EDWARDS?   A Disingenuous, Unaccomplished Liberal And Friend To Personal Injury Trial Lawyers CLICK FOR EDWARDS’ LIBERAL INTEREST GROUP RATINGS CLICK FOR EDWARDS’ LIBERAL RECORD […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) – : “In a secret operation, the United States last month removed from Iraq nearly two tons of uranium and hundreds of highly radioactive items that could have been used in a so-called dirty bomb, the Energy Department disclosed Tuesday. The nuclear material was secured from Iraq’s former nuclear research facility and airlifted […]

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Eric Florack on July 7th, 2004

You may recall I mentioned a few days ago about a group of Contgress Critters asking the UN to become involved in our next election…:To make sure it’s fair’. I mentioned at the time that the report doesn’t mention who they were… and suggested that the easy answer then was that they were Democrats. Of […]

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