You will have seen the ad; Good milk comes from happy cows, says the ad. Implication being that the weather is gentler so the cows are happy and therefore…. You get the idea.  Here’s an example. Look around a bit; they actually have the ads in streaming vid, and they are actually kinda cute. (WMP required)

Well, the
ContraCostaTimes appears on the scene today to point out there’s another reason those cows are so happy; they’ve been drinking Rocket Fuel. Or, so the enviro-wackos will hvae you think.

“The study released today by the Environmental Working Group comes as state and federal regulators prepare new standards to regulate perchlorate, the explosive ingredient in missile fuel that has been linked to thyroid damage.

“Perchlorate exposure is more widespread than we have been led to believe,” said Bill Walker, vice president for the Environmental Working Group’s West Coast office. “We hope that state and federal regulators will look at this information and take it into account when setting perchlorate standards.”

Now, they DO say that:

“He said the group is not calling for Californians to stop drinking milk or feeding it to their children, but does advocate tougher chemical standards.”

However, isn’t it interesting that they wait until the California Dairy Groups start running nationwide ads for their product, before this ‘study’ comes out? Almost as if their objective was to destroy yet another industry, huh?