THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH is reporting that Wilson aparently Botched his mission to Niger… you”’ recall that was the one where we were investigating reports of illicit trade in uranium from Niger to Iraq. Says the Dispatch:

“To be sure, as the FT article reminds us, some documents that detailed alleged uranium transfers as between Niger and Iraq have indeed proved fraudulent.

So why then, now many months out, is British intelligence still sticking by the story, despite the embarrassing forgeries?

Here’s why:

However, European intelligence officers have now revealed that three years before the fake documents became public, human and electronic intelligence sources from a number of countries picked up repeated discussion of an illicit trade in uranium from Niger. One of the customers discussed by the traders was Iraq.

These intelligence officials now say the forged documents appear to have been part of a ‘scam’, and the actual intelligence showing discussion of uranium supply has been ignored.”

Now, I wonder; who would have put together a scam, trying to discredit the original intel, hmmmm?

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