Billy Beck notes:

“She had an intellectual side that was fairly well hidden from us because we were all looking at what kind of clothes shes was wearing.’
(Evan Thomas of Newsweek, just now on Imus In The Morning — speaking of Nancy Reagan and the press)

Thomas said that after several minutes of explaining that he had expected Nancy to ‘go shop’ after her husband’s term as president, but that he’d been wrong, and surprised when she attended Ronnie as closely as she did.

Someone remind me why people like this have jobs.”

Billy, I should think the answer to this to be within sight of Occam and his shaving apparatus; Their bosses suffer from the same pattern of non-thinking; they held the same opinion of the Reagans, and for that matter, of anyone who agreed with them… and thereby did the writers keep their jobs… their jobs being spreading not the truth, but their pre-determined propaganda.