Rochester’s Chronic Democrat here in my hometown, reports the local Democxrats are offering free beer as a bribe for votes.

“That’s the plan at today’s East End Festival. Monroe County Democrats have teamed up with High Falls Brewery to offer two free 2-ounce beers to those who register to vote at the festival.
Then the new voter can go into a real voting booth and pick the brew they liked the most. The promotion is called “Register Your Taste.”

The goal is to encourage people older than 21 to register to vote and to simulate the experience of voting. But alcohol treatment counselors fizzled on the idea, saying organizers shouldn’t link drinking with the civic duty of voting.

“I think there are other ways to motivate people to vote other than give them alcohol,” said Elaine Milton, director of the chemical dependency clinic at the Family Service of Rochester Inc.

Molly Clifford, head of the Monroe County Democrats, stressed that the event is not aimed at encouraging alcohol consumption and that the samples are small.”

But they ARE a big BRIBE, Molly…

Imagine Republicans doing this. What kind of reaction would you think this would provoke?