The grave dancing among Democrats has begun already. A few examples, captured from Moonbat Central, otherwise known as Democratic Underground:

You know, I’d forgotten how much Ronnied pissed me off…..until I just turned on the Idiot Box just now…And there he was in all his “glory”…his annoying smile, his insulting platitudes, his total lack of knowledge, his stupid little mannerisms…

And I thought to myself, THAT’S when I became I lifelong Democrat. I had just moved to the USA after he had been “October Surprised” into office, and my friends and family in the UK were genuinely concerned that I was moving to a country that was out and out dangerous…

They were right…

His insane policies from his goobernatorial ( ) years were transformed into national disasters. His ignorance, his lack of savvy and his lack of understanding on even the most BASIC of issues that affected everyday citizens, was astounding.

Bear in mind that when he was elected into office the rest of the world was AMAZED that this incompetent fool had been chosen. He was the most hated and despised President in memory, Europe scoffed at him, Europe scorned him, Europe laughed at him.

And then along game Jr.

He has now succesfully taken that mantle and taken it to new lows.

People in Europe do not fear *. They HATE him. With a burning passion. His ignorance, his lack of savvy and his lack of understanding of even the most BASIC of issues that affected everyday citizens is astounding. See a resemblance yet?

Any Democrat that voted for Reagun is no Democrat in my book.

I fiercely voiced my opposition of Reagun back then, and I voice my opposition of * even more loudly now….

To the Reagun family my condolences, your long suffering is over. Unfortunately there are MILLIONS that paid the price while he was in office, and few wept for them. I shed no tears today, instead I offer thanks. Thanks to “Ketchup is a vegetable” Ronnie-boy my political fires were stoked, my activism was set alight, and my deep committed belief that the only good republican is a republican out of office came to fruition. Thank you Ronald Reagun for making me a life-long, hardcore, fierce and proud DEMOCRAT.

My God have mercy on his soul.


Yeah no one deserves to die from alzheimers.

But for some there is karma.

Just think of all the ordinary HARD WORKING Americans who lack access to healthcare due to policies enacted by Reagan and the conservatives who followed him.

Hard for me to feel for a rich evil man who died of alzheimers when other more deserving working Americans have the disease.

This is a man who ignored AIDS for a couple of years.

And another:

Burn in hell, Reagan. You deserve it.

Ah, yes, the Democrats reveal their true qualities at times like this.