As I’ve pointed out, the hard left is already grave dancing. But the Democrat leaders are getting worried.

The New York Times, in an editorial over the weekend, started the spinning already, saying that the death of Ronald Reagan would not help George W. Bush in the polls.  I’ve seen similar comments at Moonbat Central… Otherwise known as Democratic Underground.

Well, first of all, who said anything about that, other than hard-line Democrats and the press, who are mostly hard leftist Democrats, themselves? The ones playing politics with Reagan’s passing, without exception is the left. It’s that simple.

Since they’ve brought it up, though, thinking on their claim, it strikes me that the leftist press has been seriously, nail bitingly worried about downplaying anything that might help the President, and so likely have gotten this one wrong, in their attempt to downplay the effect here.

One thing I noted on Saturday night was the quote from John Kerry about Ronald Reagan… trying, in a bass-ackward fashion to lay claim to some of Reagan’s legacy.

“President Reagan’s belief in America was infectious. And because of the way he led, he taught us that there was a difference between strong beliefs and bitter partisans.”

Ironic, these words coming from a man who has for all indications, has no idea what they mean.

“Free men and women everywhere will forever remember and honor President Reagan’s role in ending the Cold War,” Kerry said. “He really did believe that communism could be ended in his lifetime, and he helped to make it happen. Perhaps President Reagan’s greatest monument isn’t any building or any structure that bears his name, but it is the absence of the Berlin Wall.”

Odd, that he now praises Reagan for actions he vigorously opposed Reagan on at the time.

It’s hard to imagine the passing of Dutch not having an effect on the outcome of this next election… and given the way the Democrat leadership is playing this one at the moment, it would seem they agree, it will have an effect.

Here’s the thing; When people remember the greatness of Ronald Reagan, will they also remember what John Kerry was doing during Reagan’s eight years in the White House… That is, doggedly opposing Mr. Reagan every step of the way… Opposing actions Kerry now disingenuously praises Reagan for?

Which of the two people currently vying for the Presidency are closer to the policies of the man elected by 49 states? When the vast majority in those 49 states who voted for Reagan because of his policies consider the question of who is closer to the ideas set by Mr. Reagan, who do YOU think they’re going to cast their votes for? 

Mike Reagan has commented repeatedly that W’s policies have far more in common with RWR’s policies than those of his own father. That’s true. Equally true, however is that Mr. Bush is far closer to Mr. Reagan’s policies than is Mr. Kerry, both currently and historically.

Does anyone really think that clear picture won’t help Mr. Bush gain his second term? Other, of course, than the New York Times, I mean. (Candidly, I think even the Times knows this, and the editorial claiming it won’t help Mr. Bush to be whistling past the graveyard, as it were.

It should also be noted that Kerry has one hope of all this last week… That being, that people who are just now voting in their first presidential election, were not even drawing breath when Reagan was president and so are not basing their votes on a personal understanding of the man. Yet, even here, Kerry suffers, given that a larger than ever percentage of young voters consider themselves conservatives, and that’s due in large part to the shadow of Reagan.

With all this in mind, keep an eye on how things develop on the left over the next week. This ought to be interesting, at least.