Mark Noonan over at Blogs for Bush suggests:

“…but the All Gipper, All the Time coverage has got to have the Donk’s nighties in a knot.”

It’s true enough.

Consider; the left has been trying for twenty plus years to undo the Reagan legacy or at least to re-write the impact that the history of the man has on them.  This masive outpouring of love and respect for him, demonstates to the world just how futile and impotent those efforts have been. That’s bad enough, from their point of view. But, the concept that someone whose brain has arguably been history for the better part of 20 years has a greater degree of love and respect than do any of the Democrats, will eventually cause even the Democrat leadership to come unglued.
All that aside form the point I made yesterday;

When people remember the greatness of Ronald Reagan, will they also remember what John Kerry was doing during Reagan’s eight years in the White House… That is, doggedly opposing Mr. Reagan every step of the way… Opposing actions Kerry now disingenuously praises Reagan for?

Which of the two people currently vying for the Presidency are closer to the policies of the man elected by 49 states? When the vast majority in those 49 states who voted for Reagan because of his policies consider the question of who is closer to the ideas set by Mr. Reagan, who do YOU think they’re going to cast their votes for?

The countdown has already started.