Eric Florack on June 28th, 2004

THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH is reporting that Wilson aparently Botched his mission to Niger… you”’ recall that was the one where we were investigating reports of illicit trade in uranium from Niger to Iraq. Says the Dispatch: “To be sure, as the FT article reminds us, some documents that detailed alleged uranium transfers as between Niger […]

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The Smoking Gun debunks a claim from Rotundo Moore that he’s not in the Democrat Party: “JUNE 28–Prior to last week’s Washington, D.C. premiere of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ Michael Moore denied that the new film represents his de facto endorsement of John Kerry. ‘I am an Independent,’ the filmmaker told reporters. ‘I’m not a member of […]

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2004

Amongst all the encouraging news coming in this morning, is This Story: from the Brits about the idiodic thug Mike Tyson. (No, I won’t call this idiot a boxer.) “Boxing legend Mike Tyson has been sleeping in homeless shelters and living like a ‘street bum’ since declaring himself bankrupt. ”

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2004

CNN says gas prices are down again, and are continuing to fall. And have you noticed that there isn’t nearly the noise being made about this, as they made during the run up a few months back? The reason’s simple enough; The run up didn’t help the President, and the prices falling help him. Gee; […]

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Eric Florack on June 28th, 2004

McQ over at Q and O points up an AP write-up describing the early handover of power to the interem government in Iraq. BAGHDAD, Iraq – The U.S.-led coalition transferred sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government two days early Monday in a surprise move that apparently caught insurgents off guard, averting a feared campaign of […]

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