The WSJ reports this morning that John Kerry is considering delaying accepting his nomination to the Democrat run for the Presidency. Why? The WSJ explains:

“The Kerry camp is considering this maneuver so it can keep raising and spending money as long as possible without having to abide by spending limits that kick in once a party formally nominates its candidate. “

Ummm… Wait a second, here. Didn’t Kerry back these rules after Gore lost the last election?

“Of course, the late July date was the Democratic Party’s own choice–and it was selected precisely so it would let the nominee accept matching federal campaign funds a month earlier than President Bush, who will be nominated in late August. The assumption had been that the Democratic candidate would have run out of cash by this summer, but Mr. Kerry has been raising more money than he expected. In other words, Mr. Kerry embraced the rules when they helped him but now wants to ignore them when they don’t.”

Ah. So, nothing new here, except for the degree.
Well, it is more brazen than it was before, but it’s still the same old dishonesty from the Democrats.