Well, no I’m not ignoring it.
It’ll be on my TV (and recorder) tonight at 8pm. Ill post links to the text as it beocmes available… likely moments before the delivery on the WH site, is the way this goes.

Not much point in much speculation before then, I guess.

However, I’ll give you something to watch for, in the reaction dept…
Watch particularly the way the press plays this speech. CNN will likely try to play this off some current event, like for example some attack in Iraq staged for the purpose… (and, no, I don’t put it past either the so-called mainstream press or the Islamo-facists, who are harder than ever to tell apart, these days) or will the speech and the plan he’s planing on describing tonight, be left on it’s own, and reported as such?

CNN and Fox (as well as C-span, of course) have announced plans to carry this live, so there’s the measurement you want to watch; How do CNN’s commenters handle it all, vs Fox?